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Travel insurance for…

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Learn travel insurance from the experts
  • 7 Reasons for Trip Interruption Coverage
    7 Reasons for Trip Interruption Coverage

    Let’s start by explaining what a trip interruption is, shall we? In travel insurance terms, a trip interruption is any situation that causes a traveler to unexpectedly have to end their trip and return home. Trip interruption coverage is coverage that reimburses a traveler for up to 150% of their unused pre-paid trip costs when their trip has to be abandoned for a covered reason. In some situations, a traveler can handle the emergency that caused them to abandon their trip and then re-join their trip. For example, if a business owner had to leave a cruise for a couple of days to handle a work emergency and then wanted to catch up to their cruise at a later port. Many travel insurance plans will also reimburse a traveler for the additional transportation costs necessary to can catch up to their vacation or business trip. The following are some reasons you may…

  • 4 Places Where you do not want to Risk your Debit Card
    4 Places Where you do not want to Risk your Debit Card

    It’s important for consumers to be aware of the risk differences between debit and credit cards. Debit cards may look like credit cards (even function like them, depending on your bank), but there is one key difference: debit cards draw actual money from your checking account.Credit cards, on the other hand, allow money to be allotted as an intermediary account to the payee. Consumers who spot fraudulent charges on their credit card account can decline the charges and refuse to pay the bill. Because of these differences, it’s important for a traveler to understand when using their debit card is dangerous. The following are the top riskiest places where you do not want to expose your debit card: Outdoor ATMs that are open to the public. The practice known as ‘skimming’ has made outdoor, unsecured ATMs one of the most dangerous places to swipe your debit card. Skimming is the ability…

  • Are you able to travel out of the US while awaiting your Green Card?
    Are you able to travel out of the US while awaiting your Green Card?

    According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), immigrants can travel abroad while awaiting their Green Card or Permanent Resident Card as it is officially known. However, there is an application and interview process that must be completed before traveling. All immigrants traveling outside the United States will need to obtain an Advance Parole to re-enter the country after their travels, this also allows for continuation of processing for an adjustment status to that of a lawful permanent United States citizen. In a press release Director of the USCIS, Eduardo Aguirre, said, “I want America’s immigrant population to know before they go. These requirements must be met before leaving and are imperative for return to the U.S. This reminder is consistent with our commitment to world-class customer service and enhancing the integrity of our immigration system.” If you are in the process of adjusting your status to permanent U.S. resident, traveling outside of the…

Travel insurance for…

Traveling with families

Traveling with families
  • Does Travel Insurance Cover Airfare?

    There are a few ways that travel insurance covers a traveler's airfare for short- and long-term travelers. While at least some airfare will likely be purchased prior to your trip, if something happens along your trip then you may have to purchase emergency airfare to return home. A traveler who wants to ensure they won't have a lot of additional airfare costs, will want to know "Does travel insurance cover airline tickets?" Depending on the type of trip you're taking (which we'll get into in a minute), travel insurance covers airfare like this: Trip cancellation - the cost of your airfare will be reimbursed up to 100% if you have the cancel your trip for a covered reason.Trip interruption - the cost of unexpected - and often last-minute - airfare to return home will be reimbursed if you have to interrupt your trip for a covered reason. It’s important to…

  • Does Travel Insurance Cover Death in the Family?
    Does Travel Insurance Cover Death in the Family?

    When a death occurs in the family, there can be a lot of turmoil and disruption. For travelers, a death in the family can be even worse because you may have to cancel your trip, interrupt it and come home early, and otherwise abandon or change your travel plans. Changing even a single airline ticket these days is often cost-prohibitive and it’s up to the discretion of the airline representative whether to waive the change fee or not. The same is true for cruises and tours that have already been booked and paid. Many travelers – especially those with elderly parents or family members who are ill – want to know if travel insurance covers death in the family. It does … with some exceptions. How travel insurance helps with family death Here’s how travel insurance works when a death occurs in the family: If you have to cancel an insured…

  • Does Travel Insurance Cover Natural Disasters?

    While travelers can purchase travel insurance plans up to the last minute before leaving on their trip, claims for losses due to natural disasters that are known events are never covered. What’s a known event? When a snow storm is forecasted, it’s a known event.When the hurricane is named, it’s a known event.When a volcano eruption starts, it’s a known event. This is, as you might imagine, a feature of insurance - it only covers those things that haven’t happened but are likely to cause serious harm or financial losses IF they do happen. This is why we buy insurance to cover our homes, our cars, and ... our trips. It’s also why we recommend that you buy your travel insurance early. A natural disaster is typically defined by travel insurance plans as “a flood, fire, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, volcanic eruption, blizzard, or avalanche that is due to natural causes.”…

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