What is CoverTrip?

My name is Damian, and I started the first travel insurance blog in 2006. That small website has grown into CoverTrip…the biggest travel insurance resource online

What is CoverTrip?

Picture this.

It’s been a long, long year and the holidays are finally around the corner. You’ve planned out a beautiful Christmas getaway with your extended family. Grandparents, in-laws, nieces, and nephews. Everyone is accounted for, everything has been paid for and all the items on the packing list are packed and ready to go. You’ve been looking forward to this trip for months and it’s just a few days down road when all of a sudden, it happens.

(Now “it” can be anything—your son has the flu, there’s a family emergency, the house catches on fire, the dog gets into a fight with a vicious city squirrel…you get the point.)

And when “it” happens, all the money you’ve invested into this glorious vacation has just gone down the proverbial drain.

That is unless…..

…you did the smart thing and bought a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

Fortunately, we did the smart thing. When “it” happened to my family (i.e., son had the flu), our travel insurance agency reimbursed us for 100% of the money we invested into the trip, including plane tickets and lodging.

Do the smart thing.

And as an avid traveler, I want you to do the smart thing. Travel insurance isn’t the most “exciting” topic but I’ve seen time and time again how having coverage can make all the difference in the reason why your trip was filled with “unforgettable” memories.

That’s why since 2006, I’ve been blogging about all things travel insurance—plans, policies, why you should get insurance, what kind of insurance you should get, and everything in-between. I wanted to make sure that wanderers and tourists alike were well-equipped with the tools needed to make informed travel decisions.

How to do the smart thing.

Whether you’re vacationing in the Caribean or backpacking across the Himalayas, the right travel insurance coverage is crucial to protecting your investment and peace of mind.

The articles and resources on this site are meant to guide you through the overwhelming amount of options in the travel insurance industry and point you in the right direction. Over the years, I have personally sifted through hundreds of agencies and thoroughly reviewed their policies, customer service, reimbursement structures, and offerings. CoverTrip is a culmination of my nearly two decade’s worth of experience in this industry, neatly packaged to help you find the perfect fit.

Simply put, welcome to your personal travel insurance encyclopedia.

History of the company


I got licensed to sell travel insurance (MA license 1813202)

Quickly discovered there were no good information resources online, every website just focused on selling

Started the 1st travel insurance blog at travelinsurancereview.net

Created company reviews, guides, and hundreds of articles

Grew to over 100,000 visitors per month


Re-branded during Covid as CoverTrip as a more memorable name

Quote and Compare 96 Travel Insurance Policies from 21 Providers with 93,835 Reviews

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