Schedule Conflict Coverage

3 October 2011

This coverage provides reimbursement for your pre-paid trip costs when an unforeseen schedule conflict (like a school year extension, jury duty, or a summons to appear in court) causes you to have to cancel a covered trip. This is a listed covered reason under trip cancellation coverage and trip interruption coverage.

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What does Schedule Conflict cover?
Important notes about this coverage
What type of policy covers this?
How much coverage does each company provide?

Let us tell you a story

Judith and her daughter, Ellie, planned  to escape the harsh northeastern winters and spend a month in Florida after the summer school break started. Judith purchased a travel insurance package plan with cancellation coverage for school year extensions just in case.

That spring, they had numerous snow storms and endless school closures that caused the school year to extend a few weeks into the summer break. Judith took the school notice of the extension and sent it in with her claim. She was able to cancel their trip and received a full refund for her pre-paid trip costs. They could reschedule their visit when they knew what the school break dates would be.

What does Schedule Conflict cover?

As part of the covered reasons for pre-trip cancellation, schedule conflicts such as being called into jury duty, being subpoenaed and required to report to court, or school year extensions that result in you having to cancel your covered trip may qualify for reimbursement (up to the policy limit).

Important notes about this coverage

  • School extensions due to extra-curricular or athletic events are typically not covered
  • Jury duty and court summons must be received prior to your travel insurance plan’s effective date
  • Being called to appear in court (subpoenaed) is covered as long as you are not a party in the legal action or a law enforcement officer associated with the case.

What type of policy covers this?

This is a covered reason for trip cancellations, and as such, it is found in travel insurance package plans with trip cancellation coverage.

How much coverage does each company provide?

PlanCompanyJury DutyCourt SummonsSchool Extension
Drive ProtectionAllianzYesYesNo
Business Traveler (annual)AllianzYesYesNo
Annual TravelAllianzYesYesNo
Custom LuxeCSAYesYesYes
Group GoCSAYesYesNo
EssentialsGlobal AlertYesYesNo
PreferredGlobal AlertYesYesNo
Preferred PlusGlobal AlertYesYesNo
Trip Protect e-SaverHTH WorldwideYesYesNo
Trip Protector Lite ExpandedHTH WorldwideYesYesNo
Patriot T.R.I.P.IMGYesNoNo
Patriot T.R.I.P. EliteIMGYesNoNo
Patriot T.R.I.P. StudentIMGYesNoNo
AssetMH RossYesYesNo
BridgeMH RossYesYesNo
CompleteMH RossYesYesNo
RoundTripSeven CornersYesYesNo
RoundTrip ChoiceSeven CornersYesYesNo
RoundTrip EconomySeven CornersYesYesNo
RoundTrip EliteSeven CornersYesYesNo
PlatinumTravel GuardYesYesNo
GoldTravel GuardYesYesNo
SilverTravel GuardYesYesNo
My TravelGuardTravel GuardYesYesNo
Savvy TravelerTravel GuardYesYesNo
BasicTravel GuardYesYesNo
Tee, Tour, and TravelTravel GuardYesYesNo
Sportsman's TravelTravel GuardYesYesNo
Adventure TravelTravel GuardYesYesNo
EliteTravel Insurance ServicesYesYesNo
PlusTravel Insurance ServicesYesYesNo
BasicTravel Insurance ServicesYesYesNo
Worldwide Trip Protector GoldTravel InsuredYesYesYes
Worldwide Trip ProtectorTravel InsuredYesYesYes
Trip Protector Lite ExpandedTravel InsuredYesYesYes
Airline Ticket ProtectorTravel InsuredYesYesNo
Travel SelectTravelexYesYesNo
Travel MaxTravelexYesYesNo
Travel PlusTravelexYesYesNo
Vacation ClassicTravelSafeYesYesNo


  • Not all travel insurance plans have coverage for every schedule conflict, so carefully review your plan’s covered reasons
  • This coverage is not applicable for extensions due to extra curricular activities
  • You’ll need documentation from the school or court to make a successful claim
Damian Tysdal

Damian Tysdal is the founder of CoverTrip, and he believes travel insurance should be easier to understand. He started the first travel insurance blog in 2006.

Damian Tysdal is the founder of CoverTrip, and he believes travel insurance should be easier to understand. He started the first travel insurance blog in 2006.