April Choice Plan Review

Great coverage at a competitive price, very good pricing for family travelers

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Top reasons to buy

  • Cancellation for medical reasons included
  • Coronavirus coverage for medical and cancellation
  • Hurricane and weather delay for any length of time
  • Higher emergency medical coverage than comparable plans
  • Option to purchase cancel for work reasons
  • Pre-existing conditions can be covered
  • No medical deductibles
  • Higher per-person coverage for travel delays
  • Option to purchase rental car damage protection
  • Concierge services included
  • Option to purchase cancel for any reason

Flaws but not dealbreakers

  • No coverage for sports activities
  • Low missed connection and baggage loss protection
  • No coverage for non-medical evacuations

Bottom line

This plan offers value for family travelers because it has great coverage and some benefits that other comparable plans do not. April is a reputable company with low negative reviews.

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Plan Details

  • Covid-19 Coverage

    Included in Trip Cancellation & Interruption and Emergency Medical

  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption

    100% of the trip cost/150% of the trip cost

  • Hurricane & Weather

    Common carrier delay for any length of time, Mandatory Evacuation conditionally covered, Accommodation made uninhabitable conditionally covered, Must be purchased before storm is named

  • Terrorism

    Covered for foreign and domestic

  • Employment Layoff

    Covered after 14 day wait, If employed for 2 continuous years

  • Cancel For Medical Reasons

    Included in Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption

  • Emergency Medical

    $50,000 per person, Secondary coverage

  • Pre-Existing Condition

    No coverage, Pre-existing look-back period 180 days

  • Medical Deductible

    No Medical Deductible

  • Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

    $250,000 per person

  • Travel Delay

    $2,000 per person, $150 daily limit, Covered after 6 hour delay

  • Baggage Delay

    $200 per person, Covered after 24 hour delay

  • Baggage & Personal Items Loss

    $500 per person, $250 per item, $500 specific items limit

  • Missed Connection

    $500 per person, Covered after 3 hour delay, Cruise and tour only

  • Other Benefits

    24 Hour AD&D: $10,000 per person
    Flight Only AD&D: Optional coverage
    Cancel for work reasons: Optional coverage
    Sports Equipment Loss: Optional coverage
    Sports Equipment Delay: Optional coverage
    Sports Fees: Included in Cancellation & Interruption
    Rental Car Damage: Optional coverage
    Money Back Guarantee: Free look up to 10 days after purchase
    24 Hour Assistance Service: 24 hour assistance provided
    Additional Benefits: Concierge Services Coverage

A customizable and comprehensive single-trip travel insurance plan for U.S. travelers looking to avoid overpaying for benefits they do not need, but want to be able to add coverage specific to their situation or trip.