Rental Car Damage Protector- Allianz Travel Insurance

Editor Review

The Good: An affordable alternative to primary loss and collision coverage without using your personal auto insurance to cover a rental car. This plan covers financial losses due to your rental car being damaged or stolen. It covers the cost to repair or replace the vehicle and loss of use fees imposed by the rental care agency as well.

The Drawbacks: This plan includes no roadside assistance or AD&D coverage. The driver must be listed on the rental agreement.

The Bottom Line: This is a rental car only plan, so it will not cover losses for other types of travel risks. It is not comprehensive auto coverage either, so there is no coverage for injuries to other people or vehicles included. It covers only the rental vehicle.

Plan Details

This plan is unique in that it provides the following:

  • This is a rental-car only plan that can be added to other package plans or stand on its own.
  • The plan includes 24-hour travel assistance when you need help finding local medical or dental care, legal assistance, emergency cash transfers, or lost travel documents.
  • Rates start at just $9 a day.


The following are the limitations on this plan’s coverage:

  • Travelers must be traveling at least 100 miles from home.
  • The driver must be listed on the rental agreement, so if you have multiple drivers, list each of them.
  • No coverage for natural disasters or terrorist events.
  • If you’re also flying on the covered trip, the tickets must have departure and return dates – no open tickets.

As with any type of insurance, terms, conditions, and exclusions apply.