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Trip Insurance Roadmap (instant download)

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Avoid the costly mistakes most travelers make

Top Myths You've Been Told About Trip Insurance

These common myths cause travelers to make bad decisions that cost them money. But you won't have that problem...

The Hidden "Small Print" Coverage to Look For

Because every plan is just a little different, you need to know what to look for. This coverage is a "must have" if you're taking a cruise.

This Mistake Makes Your Policy Worthless

This is by far the most common mistake that travelers make, and most regret it after the fact. I'll show you how to avoid it.

Never Buy Trip Insurance From This Place

It's the #1 place travelers buy insurance, and it's a huge mistake that nobody knows about...until it's too late.

(100% Money Back Guarantee- No Questions Asked)

How this will save you money

Discover if you even need trip insurance and potentially save $300

You don't need trip insurance for every trip...no matter what anyone says.

I will show you how to decide if you even need a plan, which could save you $300 (average cost of trip insurance).

Have the right coverage when you need it to avoid a denied claim

Insurance is worthless if it doesn't cover what it needs to.

I'll show you the coverage that needs to be in your plan...otherwise you could lose thousands of dollars with a denied claim.

See how to handle travel abroad and the risk of medical emergencies

A medical issue abroad can cost you $100,000+ (no joke, examples in the Roadmap).

I'll show you what you need, and the "small print" that makes all the difference.

"Just tell me what plan to buy"

Included in the Roadmap...I'll show you the plan I recommend to family and friends when they take a trip. If you want the simple option, this is it.


I dig through all the small print and find the best plan with the best value. I'll show you the exact plan, and how to get a quote and buy.


Step-by-step with no steps skipped.

(100% Money Back Guarantee- No Questions Asked)

How to compare plans, step-by-step with no steps skipped

This is the DIY option for those that like to dig into the details.


I show you how to use my comparison tool to get quotes for all plans and all companies at the same time. Then, use powereful tools to filter, sort, and compare to find your best plan

(100% Money Back Guarantee- No Questions Asked)

Why would you trust me?

Short version: I’m a licensed insurance agent and I’ve helped over 100,000 travelers learn about and buy trip insurance since 2006 with my free website.

After leaving the restaurant business, I started the internet’s first travel insurance blog... TravelInsuranceReview.net.

(This was so long ago, I used.net instead of.com and thought it was a good idea)


I discovered something immediately.


Nobody online was creating useful information to help travelers understand trip insurance.


I created helpful, daily blog articles, and traffic grew fast.


Since then I’ve been featured in articles in the NY Times, Forbes, FoxNews.com, USA Today, MSNBC, and many other publications.


In 2020, I rebranded as CoverTrip.com, started creating short videos on social media, and have grown to over 250,000 followers across social media and reached tens of millions of viewers.


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Damian Tysdal

Travelers Are Lovin' It

I appreciate you and what you are doing for the everyday traveler.

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I am a loyal reader who has benefitted from your advice. This month I enrolled with one of your travel insurance choices. And I sent your website to our son-in-law too

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I love the advice given. I find it very reliable and saves me oodles of time trying to do the research on my own.

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